Alternaria leaf spot of groundnut
Alternaria leaf spot of groundnut

Disease - Alternaria leaf spot

Causal organism - Alternaria arachidis

Symptoms - Small and chlorotic water soaked wounds appear on both surfaces of leaf. These wounds are enlarged and irregular in shape. The centre portion of leaves become pale, dry and disintegrated. Later, the dark-brown wounds extend to the midrib and a blighted appearance spread over the entire leaf and the leaf become brittle.

Damage - The leaves which are affected, shows chlorosis and in severe attacks, these leaves become prematurely senescent.

Control - There is no effective treatment has been found yet to control this disease. But, by spraying 3g/liter of copper oxychloride could alter appearance of symptoms very effectively against this disease.

Management - Use resistant/tolerant cultivars. Use healthy and pathogen-free seeds. Destroy the infected plants found in the fields. Deep plowing should be done to rid the soil from remaining pathogens.

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