Anthracnose disease of Mango
Anthracnose disease of Mango


Disease - Anthracnose

Causal organism - Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Symptoms - Dark brown or black spots are observed on the shoots of mango. Small, raise, dark spots are also observed on fruits. High humidity & a temperature of about 26-32°C favours the development of disease. Infection occurs at mature stage on fruits & these fruits carry fungus into the storage & cause considerable loss.

Control - If infestation observed in field then spray Copper oxychloride @ 30 g with 10 litre of water on infected trees. If Anthracnose observed on new flush then spray with Thiophanate methyl @ 10 g or Carbendazim @ 10g/10 Ltr of water.

I.D.M. - Cut infested, dead portion and apply Bordo Paste on it.

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