Anthracnose disease of Pomegranate
Anthracnose disease of Pomegranate

Disease – Anthracnose

Causal organism – Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Symptoms – There is a small regular or irregular black or brown coloured spots appear on the leaves, stem, flowers & fruits which turn later on as dark brown spots. The outbreak of this disease occurs during August-September. Frequent rainfall, high humidity about 50-80 % and the temperature range between 25-30°c favours this disease.

Damage - It is a fungal disease which affects many plants including fruits & vegetables. It commonly infects the developing shoots and leaves.

Control – Spray Hexaconazol @ 1 ml/litre or Thiophanate methyl @ 1g/litre or Carbendazim @ 1g/litre at 15 days interval.

Integrated Disease Management – Destroy diseased parts of the plant. Use disease free seeds. Use resistant varieties. Keeping sufficient space between the plants.

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