Bacterial blight of cotton
Bacterial blight of cotton

Disease - Bacterial blight

Causal organism - Xanthomonas citri subsp. malvacearum

Symptoms - It is one of the most devastating disease of cotton. This disease occur at all stages but more severe when the crop are 50-60 days old. Irregular or round with red to brown border spots on leaves, stems and bolls appeared. As the disease progresses, lesions may coalesce, turn dull grey & crack. Severe defoliation can occur when heavy rainfall is received.

Control - Spray Mencozeb or copper oxychloride 2 kg/ha at the intimation of the disease. Spray should be given at 10-15 days interval

Management - Remove & destroy the residues of infected plant. Use disease free seeds. Most efficient method to avoid the disease is to use blight resistant varieties.

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