Benefits of Vegetable nursery production with modern technology
Benefits of Vegetable nursery production with modern technology

Tomato, Brinjal, Capsicum, Chilli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cabbage, Onion etc. are the major vegetables grown crop by preparing nursery.
To grow a good crop, it is necessary for the nursery to be healthy.

In such a situation, various new and advanced techniques have been developed for nursery production of vegetables.

The biggest feature of these techniques is that farmers can grow healthy seedlings of vegetables in a protected environment. In these, there is a facility to remove weeds and to carry out other agricultural works. Farmers can earn more profit by using modern technology.
It is the endeavor of a successful farmer that he can get maximum product at least cost.

Under normal weather conditions, it is possible to produce seedlings of vegetables in open environment with simple care. Growing vegetable nursery in open environment in adverse weather, there is a possibility of destruction of plants.

Now advanced scientific techniques are available to grow vegetable seedlings successfully in ordinary and exceptional weather conditions, by adopting these techniques farmers can get more yield by doing commercial cultivation of vegetables.

Greenhouses –
By this method, seedlings are prepared in the Pro Tray (Plastic Tray) in the nursery of the greenhouse.

A variety of products – cloth, colored netting, glass, etc., are used to cover iron frames in greenhouses. In the greenhouse, the roof is covered with plastic by installing an insect repellent nylon net. Due to this nylon net, sucking insects like whitefly, aphid, jassid, thrips etc. cannot enter the greenhouse & it also provide protection from viral diseases.

Two doors should be installed in the greenhouse and there should be some space between the two doors. After opening the first door, the second door should be opened only after entering inside and closing the door, so that the entry of insects through the doors can be completely stopped.

In greenhouses, shadenets that provide 50-75 percent shade are used as per requirement.

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