Citrus Canker Disease of lemon
Citrus Canker Disease of lemon

Disease - Citrus canker

Causal organism - Xanthomonas citri

Symptoms - This is a bacterial disease, which is the most serious disease in the rainy season. This disease occurs in all citrus fruits. This disease affects leaves, twigs & fruit. Symptoms of this disease initially appear as yellow spots which after sometime turns into rigid, brown coloured blisters. These blisters are limited only to fruit peels. The most suitable range of temperature which favors this disease is 20°c to 30°c.

Damage – Due to this disease, the leaves begin to fall down. The market value of fruits affected by this disease falls drastically and the yield also decreases.

Control - Spray Streptocycline 10 grams + Copper Sulphate 5 g in 100 liters of water. Spraying of Bordeaux mixture @ 1 %.

Management - Pruning of infected parts particularly during dry season. Destroy all affected trees by burning. Use of disease resistant varieties.

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