Climatic requirement for Black gram cultivation?
Climatic requirement for Black gram cultivation?

Black gram is one of the most important pulse crop, grown across India.

Black gram or urd bean is grown in both kharif and spring/summer season. It is grown under rainfed or semi irrigated condition as mixed crop, sole crop, catch crop or sequential crop.

          Optimum sowing time for the cultivation is second fortnight of Feb. to first fortnight of April in summer season & second fortnight of July (15 to 30) is optimum in kharif season.

Ideal temperature for its cultivation ranges between 25°C to 35°C but it can tolerate temperature up to 42°C.

Black gram is a tropical crop & it requires hot & humid climate.

Heavy rains during flowering stage are harmful to the crop as it adversely affects the production of the crop.

          Deep loamy & light textured with good water drainage system is suitable for its cultivation. It should not be grown in high waterlogged areas.

Soil having pH value between 6.5-7.5 is ideal for the crop. Black gram (urd) is grown successfully in areas with 700-900 mm rainfall.

Urd is considered a good crop in the intercropping system.

Some crops with which urd can be grown are as:

Arhar + urd, millet + urd, sunflower + urd, maize + urd, sugarcane + urd etc.

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