Climatic requirement for Dragon fruit cultivation
Climatic requirement for Dragon fruit cultivation

Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit. It is the main fruit of Central America but it is currently being cultivated in large quantities in Thailand, Vietnam, Israel and Sri Lanka and now it has started in India also.

It is grown in dry and humid places in India. In India, it is being grown around Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Delhi.

It is also used commercially. Some of the food products made from dragon fruit are jam, ice cream, jelly, juice and wine.

      It requires less water. It is cultivated in places with dry environment.

The pH value of land for its cultivation must be normal. Its pH value for its cultivation must be around 7.

Dragon fruit plants grow well at high temperatures.

Its cultivation can be done in all types of soil & can be cultivated in soil with proper drainage and good fertilizer density. It cannot be cultivated in waterlogged land.

      Tropical climate is suitable for dragon fruit cultivation.

Temperature about 25°C suitable for its growth & when fruits are growing on the plant, it needs a temperature of 30°C to 35°C but its plant can also tolerate maximum temperature of 40°C and minimum of 7°C.

Dragon fruit plant also needs less rain but its plant needs hot weather more and if the frost in winter falls for more days then there is a loss in the yield.

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