1. How weeds can affect the cotton crop?

    How weeds can affect the cotton crop?
    Gopal Bhardwaj

    Weed management is one of the most important practice in all crops.

    Better the weed management, better will be the production.

    Weed management is an important practice for sustainable farming system.

    Presence of weeds reduce the crop yield & also reduces the quality of crop. The loss caused by weeds is more than that caused by any other reasons like diseases, insects & pests etc.

    Weeds infestation adversely affect the production of cotton crop & is considered one of the major risk factors because weeds compete for available nutrients, water & sunlight.

    Weeds compete with the main crop for all the essential factors required for their growth i.e. moisture, light, space & all the nutrients.

    Weeds cover a large part of the field and absorb nutrients contained in the soil for crops. Generally, weeds have reduced the yield of various crops by 10 to 85 percent.

    Most commonly observed weeds are Barnyardgrass, Bermudagrass,

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  2. How to control leaf curl disease of Cotton?

    How to control leaf curl disease of Cotton?
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    This is a viral disease, which is spread by white fly. Firstly, its effect is seen on the upper soft leaves. The primary symptom of this disease is that the leaves curl upward & small veins become thick.

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  3. Bacterial blight of cotton

    Bacterial blight of cotton
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     It is one of the most devastating disease of cotton. This disease occur at all stages but more severe when the crop are 50-60 days old. 

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