How to boost the immunity through fruits & vegetables?

Immunity plays an important role to be a healthy body. A body is more susceptible to the infection if there is deficiency of various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

White blood cell in humans are the body's natural defense shield against every type of infection, and are part of the important functions of the immune system.

We should have to take enough protein. It is an important ingredient in making white blood cells.

Proteins can be obtained from eggs, milk and different types of fruits & vegetables.
In any case good hygiene is far more important to prevent from the viral disease. Generally for healthy immune system you need healthy diet.

Some nutrients plays an important role to boost the immune system, including the antioxidants, Vitamin E & Vitamin C.
But that does not mean that immune system will be boost up by eating more than the recommended dose.

Some important keys which are helpful to keeping your body’s i

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