Green leafy vegetables are beneficial for health
Green leafy vegetables are beneficial for health

It is a universally accepted fact that green leafy vegetables are one of the best nutrition foods given by nature.

Nutritionists often recommend eating leafy green vegetables. Healthy components are abundant in green leafy vegetables.

Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi has advised each person to eat 300 grams of vegetables daily, of which 116 gm of leafy vegetables per day is necessary.

Spinach, fenugreek, amaranth and mustard are eaten as main green leafy vegetables.

Spinach -

Spinach leaves are an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B and folate as well as manganese and iron.

Spinach contains 91 percent water, 2.9 percent protein, 3.6 percent carbohydrates and 0.4 percent fat. Spinach is primarily a winter crop but can be grown year round.

Its vegetative growth is good in autumn season and 5-6 cuttings are obtained from one crop. When grown in the summer season, only one cutting is available due to high temperature.

For its good growth and yield, 15 to 20 ° C temperature is suitable.

Spinach can be cultivated in any type of soil but sandy loam or loam soil with good drainage is suitable for its cultivation.

It has the ability to tolerate alkaline and saline soil. It can be cultivated successfully in soil with 7 to 8.5 pH value.

Add 20-25 tonnes of rotten cow dung manure or compost per hectare, 3-4 weeks before sowing and mix it well in the soil of the field.

It is necessary to have sufficient moisture at the time of sowing the seeds. The first irrigation is done after seed establishment and subsequent irrigation should be done at an interval of 10-15 days.

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