How fruit & shoot borer damages the Brinjal crop?
How fruit & shoot borer damages the Brinjal crop?

Insect – Fruit & Shoot Borer

Scientific name – Leucinodes orbonalis

Identification – Fruit & shoot borer is one of the most serious pest of brinjal & it is found all over India. The adult moth is a medium-sized butterfly with white wings. The caterpillar is smooth pink in colour.

Damages – The infestation usually starts after a week of transplanting and lasts till the last harvest.

At initial stages, the caterpillar bores into the terminal shoot, scrape it & eat internal tissue, due to which the plant dries up. When they attack the twigs, they dry up and fall.
When the caterpillar comes out, large holes appear on the fruits.

This insect also eats many other plants of the Solanaceae family, such as tomatoes and potatoes.

Control – To control fruit and shoot borer attack in brinjal, spraying of Coragen 18.5 SC, 80 ml or Proclaim 5SG, 80 g in 100-125 litres of water per acre after weather clears up.

Use of pheromone trap @ 3-4/acre. If insect population is above ETL then spraying of Spinosad 1.0 ml/4 litre of water is advised.

Transplanting of brinjal may be completed by April end and cypermethrin @ 1 ml per litre may be applied at flowering for management of fruit & shoot borer.

Monitor the field every week after transplanting for the infestation of fruit & shoot borer & destroy the infested shoots & fruits by burying them in the soil.

Precautions –

  • Do not apply more than the recommended dose of insecticide.
  • If you are using insecticides after fruiting (appearance of fruits), then do not pluck the fruits for 5-6 days after spraying the chemicals.
  • Before spraying, pluck all the ripe fruits.
Author: Gopal Bhardwaj
Specialist in Horticulture