How to control Black bug of Sugarcane?
How to control Black bug of Sugarcane?

Insect - Black bug

Scientific name - Cavelerius excavates

Identification - It is seen on the lower surface of sugarcane leaves. This insect is black in color with white patches on body. The young bugs are also similar to adults but smaller in size.

This pest is active throughout the year but its effect mostly seen in dry & hot season when there is no rain.

Damages - It damages the leaves by sucking the juice of sugarcane leaves, causing the leaves to turn yellow & there is red spots also appear on the leaves. It attacks in early crop stages (April-June)

Control - Spraying of 350 ml Dursban/Lethal (chlorpyriphos) in 400 litres of water per acre. Direct spray into the leaf whorl.

Management - Irrigate the crop properly. Sometimes, it may cause serious damage when the field is not irrigated and also in the absence of rainfall.

Host plants like grasses, maize and rice should not be grown near the sugarcane field.

Burning of plant stubbles also reduce its attack.

Avoid excessive use of nitrogenous fertilizers.

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