How to control diamond back moth of cauliflower
How to control diamond back moth of cauliflower

Insect - Diamond back moth

Scientific name - Plutella xylostella

Identification - They lay eggs under the surface of leaves. Diamond back moth is a serious pest of cauliflower. The moths of this insect are brown in color. Moth eggs are oval and flattened. Eggs are yellow or pale green in color. Average development time from egg to pupa stage is between 25 to 30 days.

Diamond back moth attacks only plants of Cruciferae family. If it is not controlled properly, it can cause yield loss of 80 to 90 percent.
They have distinctive white spots on their wings, due to which they look like diamonds. The caterpillar eats the lower surface of the leaves and damage them.

In case of high infection, the caterpillars also eat cauliflower fruit.

After gently moving the leaves, the caterpillar hangs down with the help of thread-like material, which is its special identity.
Crop diversity can influence abundance of diamondback moth

Control - Spray Neem Seed Kernel Extract @ 40 gm per litre of water at head initiation stage. Repeat spray at the interval of 10-15 days. Spray Bacillus thuringiensis @ 200 g per acre at 40-50 days of planting.

Management - Do not spray at curd formation

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