How to control Fruit fly in Guava?
How to control Fruit fly in Guava?

Insect - Fruit fly

Scientific name - Bactocera correcta

Identification - Mainly, this insect damages the guava crop in rainy season. This fly has yellow in color. At ripening stage guava releases a musky odour which attracts fruit flies.
Fruit fly is the most serious pest of different horticultural crops among the world & it is also the most destructive pest.
Fruit fly lay eggs inside the fruit and maggots feed on the fruit flesh. As a result fruits rot and infestation spread rapidly. In winter season, this insect is not active at adult stage.
Outbreak of this insect occurs more from July-august.

Damage - Mostly larvae damages the fruit as it nourishes inside the fruit during its growth. This insect also deteriorates the quality and taste of fruits.
Finally fruits drop down and not suitable for market sale and due to it productivity also reduces and production also decreases up to 70-80 %.

Control - To control this insect, spray monocrotophos or nuvacron, 1-1.5 ml in 1 litre of water.

Management - Collect the infected fruits from the orchard & throw out. Do not take the crop of rainy season because it decreases both the quality and yield.

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