How to control leaf curl disease of Cotton?
How to control leaf curl disease of Cotton?

Disease - Leaf curl

Causal organism - White fly

Symptoms - This is a viral disease, which is spread by white fly. Firstly, its effect is seen on the upper soft leaves. The primary symptom of this disease is that the leaves curl upward & small veins become thick.
Such plants remain small in size, flowers and buds does not formed. Their growth stops suddenly and it has a very adverse effect on yield.
The area where this disease is more, desi cotton should be sown because this disease does not occur in desi cotton. Different type of weeds are also helpful in spreading of this disease.
The temperature on which this disease is most likely to spread is 25-30°c. Cotton plants are at high risk of infection during seedling.

Damage - White fly damages the cotton plant by sucking the sap. Due to this disease, there is reduction in yield by which farmer does not get fair price.

Control - Application of triazophos 40 EC @ 1.5 ml/litre or imidacloprid 0.5 ml/litre of water.

Management - Use certified disease free seeds. Ensure weed free field & surroundings. Use resistant or tolerant cultivar.
Do not plant cotton crop near tomato and other crops susceptible to whiteflies.

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