How to control Mealy bug insect of Mango?
How to control Mealy bug insect of Mango?

Insect - Mealy bug

Scientific name - Drosicha mangiferae

Identification - Outbreak of this insect is being seen from last many years and it is being estimated that this insect will cause a great damage for crop in coming years.
According to entomology, this insect belongs to hemiptera order and homoptera suborder. This is a polyphagous insect which also damages the agronomic crops (cotton, maize, pigeon pea) and vegetables crop (lady finger, tomato, brinjal) along with mango.
This insect is oval in shape and small in size. It has sucking mouthparts which damages by sucking the plant parts like stem, root and leaves.
Outbreak of this insect mostly occurs in August to October and can also be seen in November.

Damages - Photosynthesis process is affected from this insect. Due to it, leaves of plants shrink and also bend. Infected plants appear yellow and dry.
Crop quality decrease by which farmers do not get the proper price of their crop. Crop yield also reduces from it

Chemical control - To control this disease, clorpyriphos, 2 ml with 2 spoon detergent powder in 1 ml water @ per hectare should be sprayed at the interval of 15-20 days.
At the time of irrigation, use clorpyriphos with water also helpful to control this insect.

Biological control - Since, weeds are the host plant for this insect so field should be free from weeds.
Cut & destroy the infected branches of the plants. Deep ploughing the field.

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