How to control Rice stem borer?
How to control Rice stem borer?

Insect - Rice stem borer

Scientific name - Scirpophaga incertulas

Identification - The caterpillar of this insect is very harmful. It is light yellow in color and head of this insect is of orange yellow.

Its length is about 25 mm. It penetrates into leaf through the central shoot (middle buds). In the initial stage of the crop, the main stem of the plant dries due to its infestation.

Symptoms & Damage - It enters into the leaf through central shoots (middle buds). Leaves wither when its outbreak occurs in the plant.

The caterpillar eat most of the internal tissue while the adults suck the juice from outside and sometimes they make them completely hollow.

These plants are less developed and their leave's colour changed from green to light brown.

These leaves later dry and shrink and fall. This is the reason why grains do not fill in the earrings. This condition is known as ‘white head’.
One larva can harm many plants.

Control - If the number of dead hearts is 5 percent or more, then to control this pest, spray Carbofuron 3G 20 kg or monocrotophos 36 EC, 1.4 liters or cartap hydrochloride 4G, 25 kg or phorate 10G, 10 kg by dissolving in 500-700 liters of water.
Spray the solution when there will be 3-4 cm standing water in the field.

Management - Deep ploughing should be done in summer. Crop should be monitored weekly. Burn off the stalks of previous crop.

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