How to control Sigatoka leaf spot disease of Banana
How to control Sigatoka leaf spot disease of Banana

Disease - Sigatoka leaf spot

Causal organism - Mycosphaerella musicola

Symptoms - It is one of the most important fungal disease of banana and it was the first leaf spot disease to have a global impact on bananas.
It is prevalent in almost all banana growing regions. Almost all the varieties of banana are affected by this disease but particularly Nendran variety is most susceptible to it.
The fungus produces leaf spots which later combines and causes yellowing & drying of leaves. The spots are concentrated towards the leaf edges. Dark brown, pale yellow & black streak appears especially on lower leaves.
These spots are dark brown and oval to circular on lower leaves of young plants.

Damage - Early diseased plant produces poor fruits. Yield decreases significantly due to this disease.

Control - Spray any one of the fungicides i.e. Mancozeb @ 2 g/l or Copper oxychloride @ 2.5 g/l or Carbendazim @ 2 g/l or Chlorothalonil @ 2 g/l of water.
These are some fungicides by which we can manage this disease.

I.P.M. (Integrated disease management) - Keep the orchard clean. Remove and destroy the affected leaves. Keep the banana field weed free.
Make proper drainage of water to avoid water logging.

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