How to control Tobacco caterpillar in Soybean?
How to control Tobacco caterpillar in Soybean?

Insect - Tobacco caterpillar

Scientific name - Spodoptera litura

Symptoms - Larvae of this insect feed on leaf & scrapping the leaf tissue. Older larvae disperse & feed continuously on leaf at night.
They are usually hide in the soil during the day. Female adult laying their eggs in the herd on the lower surface of leaves.
The fully developed caterpillars of this insect are dark brown in color. This insect has a yellow stripe on both sides of the body and also black spots on their body part.
The larvae and adult of this insect grow rapidly at temperatures between 15-35°c.

Damage - After eating the leaves, these caterpillar start feeding on young pods also & consequently damaging 40-50 % of the pods.
Soybean crop has more prone to the attack of caterpillar when higher dose of nitrogen given to the crop.

Control - To control this insect, spray quinolphos 25 EC, 1000 ml @ per hectare by dissolving in 600-800 liter of water.

Management - Deep summer ploughing. Avoid pre monsoon sowing. Destroy infected part of the plant & weed should be controlled continuously. Do not use excessive nitrogen fertilizers.

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