How to control White rust of Mustard?
How to control White rust of Mustard?

Disease - White rust

Causal organism - Albugo candida

Symptoms & Damage - White rust is not a serious disease of mustard. It’s a common disease & caused by fungus.

In this disease, white pustules are observed on leaves, stem and flower. These pustules are approximately 1 to 2 mm in diameter and are white or creamy yellow in colour.

Just above these pustules/blisters, light brown spots appear on the upper surface of the leaves which later develop and become erupt.

In January, the disease first appears on the lower surface of the leaves which later becomes irregular in shape.

Leaves start withering. The affected part swollen & the stem is bent due to swelling.

The favorable conditions for the spreading of this disease are more than 70 % relative humidity and the intermittent rains also favors the development of this disease.

Control - When the symptoms of this disease are seen then spray Mencozeb 75 WP, 2 gm @ per liter of water.

I.D.M. (Integrated Disease Management) - Use healthy seeds only. Use disease resistant varieties. Destroyed diseased plants and residues. Do not irrigate excessively.

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