How to control yellow mosaic disease in Green gram?
How to control yellow mosaic disease in Green gram?

Disease - Yellow mosaic Virus

Causal organism - White fly

Symptoms & Damage - This is a viral disease transmitted by white fly mainly. Due to this disease, yellow patches appear on the new leaves of plants.
Warm temperature and high humidity are suitable to increase the population of vector. Firstly these patches appear small in size.

These patches enlarge and coalesce and start to become necrotic and complete field appear yellow in color. Growth of affected plants remains undeveloped due to this.

Formation of pods and flower decreases and therefore yield also decreases. Due to this disease, developing pods on the plants appear yellowish in color and appear small in size.

Yellow mosaic virus infection can also reduce yield by up to 100 %. The spreading of disease mainly depend on the numbers of whitefly.
Weeds are also helpful in spreading of the disease. Quality of grain also decreases due to this disease.

Control - This can be controlled by 2-3 spray of 100 ml phosphomidan. Since, the white fly is the vector of this disease so this disease can also be controlled by using the spray of deltamethrin insecticide.

Management - This disease can be managed by keeping the field free from weeds because the white fly generally infects the plants from weeds.
This disease can also be minimized by growing the resistant varieties.

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