How to do puddling in paddy field and what are its benefits?
How to do puddling in paddy field and what are its benefits?

Puddling is an important process in the field of paddy. It is compulsory to do this process, when transplanting is done with the help of machine.

In this process, plough the field properly with the help of MB plow, then left the field for 24 hours after filing water to maintain the moisture in the field. After this, use puddler machine in the field. Move this machine once in the direction of field length then slant direction.

The benefits of puddling for rice are to control weeds, increase nutrient availability & easy transplanting. Weed control and water conservation are the most important benefit of puddling in rice.

By puddling, weeds are burried in the soft soil. Puddling, decreases the water loss by percolation to a large extent.

Puddling should be done before two weeks of transplanting. Before puddling, bund which are about 30 cm high should be made around the field. Bund should be made about 30 cm high around the field before puddling. It also increases the fertility of soil for next crop. Due to puddling, crop yield becomes high.

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