How to increase income by cultivation of groundnut crop?
How to increase income by cultivation of groundnut crop?

Groundnut is a major oilseed crop. It requires a semi-arid and moist climate for its cultivation.

The temperature of about 25 to 30 degree Celsius is ideal for good yield. For this, there is requirement of rainfall about 50-100 cm.

In the grains of groundnut, 22-28 percent protein, 10-12 percent carbohydrate and 48-50 percent fat are found.
Groundnut plant grows to a height of 30–50 cm (1 to 1.6 ft).

India is the second largest producer of groundnut in the world & groundnut is the major oil seed crop in India.

Seed rate & sowing time –
For its cultivation, 80-100 grams of seeds per hectare are sufficient. At the time of sowing, keep row to row distance of 30-40 cm and plant to plant distance of 10-15 cm.
Suitable sowing time for groundnut cultivation is from first week to second week of June.

Fertilizers –
Apply 15 kg nitrogen and 60 kg phosphorus per hectare to groundnut crop before sowing. It is better if phosphorus is given from single super phosphate.
In irrigated areas, irrigate the crop by mixing 250 kg gypsum per hectare two weeks before sowing. Apply 30 kg zinc sulphate in zinc deficient land and 10 kg borax per hectare in boron deficient land before sowing.

Weeding & Hoeing –
Keep weeds out of the filed. Complete weeding & hoeing till the crop becomes 30 days old.

Spray Metachlor or Pendimethalin at the rate of one kg of active ingredient or oxyfluorfen @ 1.50 gm active ingredient per hectare in 600 litres of water where weeding is difficult. This spraying is necessary after sowing groundnut but before germination.
Spray Imizathapar 10 SL, 50 grams of active ingredients per hectare after 25-30 days of sowing in standing crop by making a solution of 600 litres of water.

For plant growth –
For higher yield in groundnut crop, spray 0.1 percent thiourea or 0.01 percent thioglycolic acid solution at 30 and 60 days of crop stage.

Author: Gopal Bhardwaj
Specialist in Horticulture