How to manage fertilizer and manure application in onion crop?
How to manage fertilizer and manure application in onion crop?

Onion requires a high source of nitrogen.

The amount of manure and fertilizer depends on the climate and soil type.

For good production, 20-25 tonnes of well rotten cow dung should be mixed at the rate of per hectare at the time of final preparation of the field.

           At the time of transplanting, half amount of nitrogen and full amount of phosphorus and potash should be applied well in the soil.

The remaining amount of nitrogen should be divided into two parts and given as a top dressing at the interval of 30 days.

Onion cultivation requires 100 kg of nitrogen, 40 kg of phosphorus and 60 kg of potash per hectare.

Apart from these, sulfur is also an essential nutrient for getting better yield.

It is recommended to use sulfur as a basal dose at the time of transplanting.

It requires 50 kg sulfur at the rate per hectare.

In areas with zinc deficiency, zinc sulphate (25 kg) should be applied @ per hectare before planting or after transplanting, in case of any signs of zinc deficiency, 5 kg of zinc sulphate should be applied after 50-60 days of planting.

In addition, copper sulphate should be used before planting onions at the rate of 10 kg and 16-17 kg of manganese sulfate per hectare.

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