How to manage nutrient application in mango cultivation?
How to manage nutrient application in mango cultivation?

It is possible to grow a mango tree even in less fertile land due to its ability to obtain nutrition from a large area of land but the need of nutrients is necessary to increase the productivity, to get fruit every year, to preserve the fertility of the land and to keep the plants healthy.

The need of manure for trees depends on the fertility of the land. By giving fertilizers every year, increases the chances of good fruiting.

Generally fertilizer application for mango cultivation depends on the age of the plants.

Nutrient management in mango starts from the time of planting. If manure & fertilizer has been used while planting, then there is no need of fertilizer for about a year.

After that, for 1 year old plants, 10 kg decomposed manure, 100 grams nitrogen (Urea), 50 grams phosphorus (SSP) and 100 grams potash (MOP) should be applied per plant.

The same amount of fertilizer should be continue for 10 years. In this way, the amount of fertilizer received per year for a 10-year-old tree becomes 1 kg of nitrogen, 500 g of phosphorus and 1 kg of potash.

Manures & fertilizers should be generally done in the beginning of monsoon.

Irrigate the crop after fertilizer application.

Manure and fertilizer should be mixed well in the soil by spreading it under the branches, away from the stem.

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