How to prepare field for Rabi maize?
How to prepare field for Rabi maize?

Maize crop is grown in both Kharif and Rabi seasons. Maize is cultivated all over the world.

It is a versatile crop. It is a major source of food for humans as well as animals and is also important from the industrial point of view.

      First, plow the field 4-5 times and then levelled it with the help of leveller. By doing this weeds and soil clods are eliminated from the field.

During rabi season, plough the field with the help of cultivator twice & then use harrow for the ploughing.

First plowing should be done with the MB plough & then with the help of cultivator. After that level the field so that irrigation and drainage can be done properly.

If you want to use cow dung in the field, then mix the completely rotten manure in the field at the time of final ploughing.

Rabi maize can be sown from 15 October to 15 November. The distance maintained from row to row of maize is 60 cm and the distance from plant to plant is 20 cm.

Maize should be sown at a depth of 5 cm while sowing.

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