How to prepare nursery for cauliflower cultivation?
How to prepare nursery for cauliflower cultivation?

For cauliflower cultivation, nursery is prepared. First of all plough the field then plain the field properly.

After that make a seed bed then fill the water into it to maintain moisture and then wait till the water dries.

While preparing the beds, special care should be taken that the organic fertilizer should be well mixed in it. Raised bed about 10-15 cm in height is prepared.

Then put the seed into the nursery. The distance of the seed should be kept 1 cm. Seed should be treated with 2-3 gm of Captan or Thiram before sowing.
At the time of bed preparation, well decomposed farm yard manure 8-10 kg/m² is added to the nursery.

Seeds should be sown in lines. Its advantage is that every seed gets equal amount of air, water and light. For weeding and watering, about 60 cm distance should be kept between two beds.

After putting the seed into the nursery, make the soil fragile and the surface of the seed should be covered with soil.

Keep proper moisture in the field. Use spray machine for this. More water should not be given into the nursery because over watering can destroy plants.

Do not plant nursery in open sky, this stops growth of the plants.

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