How to prepare nursery for tomato cultivation
How to prepare nursery for tomato cultivation

To prepare nursery in one hectare area, 200-250 gm seeds for hybrid varieties and 350-400 gm seeds for other varieties are sufficient.

Seed treatment should be done first. For this, treat the seeds with the fungicide Thiram or Captan, 2.5 gm/kg of seeds. In the nursery, plants should be prepared on raised beds.
Treating seeds increases the quality of the crop and also increases the yield.

The length of these beds should be at least 3 meters and width 0.6 meters. Sow seeds in rows and keep the sowing depth about 1.5 to 2 cm.

After sowing, the seeds should be covered with a mixture of cow dung manure and soil and give light irrigation to it. If possible, the beds should be covered with straw or hay till the deposition of seed occurs, so that the beds retain proper moisture.

In 35 to 40 days, the seedlings become transplantable.

In tomato crop, row to row distance should be kept between 45-60 cm and plant to plant distance should be 30-45 cm.

Transplanting should be done in the evening.

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