How to prepare seedling of Onion crop?
How to prepare seedling of Onion crop?

Onion is one of the most favourite vegetable all over the world.

Onion seed is generally sown in raised nursery bed (10-15 cm height) for transplanting in the field. The width of nursery bed should be 0.60 m & length can be kept 3-4 m.

The distance in between two beds should be about 45-60 cm. The surface of beds should be smooth and well developed.

For the sowing of seeds, the last week of October to mid-November is suitable.

Before sowing seed should be treated with thiram @ 2 g/kg of seeds to avoid damage of seedlings from damping off disease.

The nursery soil should be irrigated 15-20 days before sowing.

The application of Trichoderma viride fungal culture @ 1250g/ha is also recommended to manage damping off and manage the healthy nursery.

The seeds after sowing should be covered with fine powdered FYM or compost followed by light watering.

The watering should be done as per the need till germination completes. The ratio between nursery area and main field is about 1:20.

The nursery will be ready for transplanting when plants are 6-7 weeks old.

Transplanting should be done from the end of December to 15 January. At the time of transplanting, the distance from row to row should be 15 cm and the distance from plant to plant should be 10 cm.

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