How to protect Mustard crop from Aphid?
How to protect Mustard crop from Aphid?

Insect - Aphid

Scientific name - Lipaphis erysimi

Identification - Mustard aphid is small to medium sized globular shaped & is yellowish green or olive green in colour & they have a pair of cornicles (wax secreting tubes). The body is faintly dusted with a white powder & is about 1.4 to 2.4 mm in length.

Symptoms & Damage - Due to heavy infestation, there are symptoms like curling of leaves, yellowing of leaves & then drying of leaves appear.

It also secretes the honeydew (sugar-rich sticky liquid) which is responsible for development of sooty mould & reduces the photosynthetic rate.
Thus, it is mandatory to maintain mustard crop regularly.

Control - There is no permanent solution of Mustard aphid but it can be controlled by the use of systemic insecticide. Even after the spray of chemical, its population again attains the same level within a fortnight.

To control, spray 250-400 ml methyl demeton (metasystox) 25 EC by mixing it in 250-400 litre of water per acre.

Spray Imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 0.2 g per litre. This will also reduce the incidence of mustard aphid.

Chlorpyriphos @ 200 ml in 100-125 litre of water per acre can also be used to control the incidence of this insect.

Integrated Pest Management -

  • Spray only when necessary.
  • Always spray in the evening.
  • Do not spray if useful insects like saw fly etc. are present in large number in the field.

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