How to protect the crop from Onion Thrips?
How to protect the crop from Onion Thrips?

Insect - Thrips

Scientific name - Thrips tabaci

Identification - These are minute/tiny insects & the colour varies from pale yellow to grey.

Adult thrips have four long, slender wings fringed with long hairs. Eggs are laid in plant leaves but because of their microscopic size, these are not seen properly.

Damage to plant - It is one of the most damaging insect to the leaves of the onion.

Both nymph and adult of this insect scrape leaves and sucks the sap of the leaves.

       Thrips feed on the leaves of onion plants & because of its effect small white silvery patches are seen all over the leaves.

In severe infestation, the leaves of onion plant dry from tip to downward.

Thrips damage can also increase the occurrence of purple blotch.

Control - To control thrips, spray carbaryl 50 WP, 2 g or dimethoate 30 EC, 2 ml @ per litre of water.

Integrated Pest Management -

  • Regular hoeing should be done
  • Clean cultivation

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