Impact of Covid-19 on farming & important things to keep in mind while farming
Impact of Covid-19 on farming & important things to keep in mind while farming

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has significantly affected farming in many ways.

Due to heavy rains in the Kharif season, many local crops including soybean and groundnut were earlier destroyed. Due to which there is a lot of hopes with the Rabi season crops but because of the current situation, they won't get what they expect.

Covid-19 epidemic is spreading rapidly across the country due to which lockdown is going on across the country which has the most impact on farmers. Due to lack of proper export system, the harvested crop has been severely affected.

These days, the situation is almost same for the farmers in all the states of the country.

There are some difficulties faced by the farmers such as transportation system, labourer requirement.

Some important things to keep in mind to eliminate the threat of Covid- 19 in agricultural work such as farmers should follow social distancing during agricultural work. All working people must use masks in the field.

Sanitize at least three times with soapy water after using handheld devices used for farming.

There should be a distance of at least 5 meters from one person to another while harvesting, eating food and doing other agricultural work.

Clean your hands frequently with soap or sanitizer during work

If a person has symptoms of cough, cold, fever, headache, body pain etc. then he should be kept aside and immediately informed to the doctor.

Take all these precautions seriously.