Irrigation management for paddy crop
Irrigation management for paddy crop

Irrigation is an important stage in paddy crop. Sufficient availability of irrigation is very important for paddy crop. In food grain crops, it requires more water rather than other crops. In paddy crop, 1500-2500 mm water is required.

Direct sowing varieties require less water than transplanting varieties. For direct sowing varieties, irrigation should be done at the interval of 7-8 days.

It is necessary to fill the water in paddy field up to 4-5 cm after 2-3 week of transplanting because it increases nutrient availability and weed outbreak also reduces in the land. Along with that there should be a proper arrangement of drainage in the field because more water causes insect and disease, by which crop production decreases.

Note - In paddy crop, moisture is necessary at the time of tillering and booting stage. If there is a lack of moisture at these stages, then irrigate in crop is compulsory. At this time, water should not be filled more than 4-5 cm otherwise crop is affected from it. In rainy season, irrigate according to requirement. Before 15 days of harvesting, remove the water from the field and stop irrigation.

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