Land selection and preparation for wheat cultivation
Land selection and preparation for wheat cultivation

Generally, wheat can be cultivated easily in each type of land but loamy soil is best for its growth.

Along with this, proper arrangement of drainage is also necessary in the land. Special care should be taken that the land is not acidic and alkaline.

It can also be grown easily in black soil. The soil having pH 5-7 is considered good for its cultivation.

During land preparation, one ploughing should be done with MB plow and 2-3 ploughing with harrow or cultivator.

After this, the land should be leveled after every ploughing. When preparing the field, apply enough cow dung in the soil.

Thus, preparation of land like this leads to good deposition of seed and to a certain depth. Due to which, crop growth is good and yield is also high.
Along with this, moisture in the land is also very important for its cultivation.

By preparing the land, the weeds grown in the field are destroyed and the field becomes weed free. Preparing the land also increases the fertility of the soil, which increases the production and farmer get proper price for his crop.

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