Nutrient Management for Paddy crop
Nutrient Management for Paddy crop

Always use manure and fertilizer after testing of soil. It improves the production capacity and fertility of soil. In paddy field, fertilizer dose is determined on the basis of varieties.

For dwarf varieties, 120 kg nitrogen, 50-60 kg phosphorus and 30-40 kg potash are required.
For basmati varieties, 110-120 kg nitrogen, 50-60 kg phosphorus and 40-50 kg potash are required
For hybrid varieties, 130-140 kg nitrogen, 60-70 kg phosphorus and 55-60 kg potash are required.

Time of fertilizer use - Always mix the fertilizers in the land below 3-4 cm from seeds so that, seed and fertilizer could not mix mutually, because there is a negative effect on seed germination and crop yield. At the time of fertilizer use, mix half amount of nitrogen before sowing and divide remaining dose of nitrogen in two parts then mix in soil after 20-25 and 50-55 days of sowing. Use phosphorus and potash before sowing in the field.

In paddy field, zinc is an important micro-nutrient. It causes khaira disease. In dwarf varieties of paddy, use 20-25 kg zinc sulphate before sowing to complete the deficiency of zinc. For basmati and hybrid varieties, use 20-25 kg and 25-30 kg zinc sulphate before sowing.

Manure – In paddy field, mix 100-150 quintal farm yard manure before one month of sowing. It gives the proper moisture for the growth of plants.

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