Nutrient management in cauliflower crop
Nutrient management in cauliflower crop

If you are going to cultivate cauliflower, then keep in mind that cauliflower needs more nutrients. Cauliflower is a heavy feeder crop.

Fertilizer dose depends upon the soil. In every crop, fertilizers and manures should be used after soil testing because by giving less amounts of manures and fertilizer, plants are not well developed.
While giving more quantity, plants grow quickly & later fall down.

15-20 ton of cow dung should be added in the field before 4 weeks of transplanting the seedling.

Cauliflower requires 120 kg of nitrogen, 60 kg of phosphorus and 60 kg of potash per hectare.

Half amount of nitrogen and full amount of phosphorus & potash should be added in the field on last ploughing at the time of field preparation.

Dividing the remaining amount of nitrogen into two parts, mix it in the field after 30 days of transplanting & at the time of flowering.

If crop growth appears weak then spray 1-1.5 kg of urea in per 100 litre of water.
By doing this, the crop will grow properly.

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