Nutrient Management in Muskmelon
Nutrient Management in Muskmelon

For good cultivation of muskmelon (cucurbitaceae crop), 20-25 ton rotten farm yard manure is required. If there is no arrangement of FYM then compost manure can also be used.
This should be mixed in the field during land preparation.

Fertilizer should be used in the land on the basis of soil testing. Use half amount of nitrogen and complete amount of phosphorus & potash at the time of field preparation.

Remaining half amount of nitrogen should be used as a top dressing in standing crop after 20-25 and 40-45 days of sowing. Crop quality increases due to it.

Use fertilizers 2-3 cm below seed surface in the land so that there could not be mixing of seed and fertilizer mutually.
It makes a negative effect on seed germination and crop production.

Along this use 1.5-2 kg per hectare azospirillum and phospobacteria in soil. By doing this, soil fertility increases for the cultivation of next crop. These bacteria are also helpful to protect the crop from different pest & disease attack.
Thus, this way of manures & fertilizers management increases the vegetative growth of plant.

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