Nutrient management in wheat crop
Nutrient management in wheat crop

Generally manure and fertilizer should be used after soil testing in soil. According to timely sowing crop, 120 kg nitrogen, 60 kg phosphorus & 40 kg potash per hectare is sufficient.

If it’s late in sowing and in areas with low water availability, use 70-80 kg of nitrogen, 50-60 kg phosphorus & 40 kg of potash per hectare.

For good growth of this crop, cow dung manure should be used at the rate of 6 tons per hectare.

Half amount of nitrogen, full amount of phosphorus & potash and full amount of cow dung should be used by mixing it in the field while preparing the field or at the last ploughing.

Divide remaining amount of nitrogen in two parts and use it after first irrigation (20-25 days) and after second irrigation (40-45 days).

If there is a deficiency of sulphur in the field, sulphur containing fertilizer such as ammonium sulphate or single super sulphate should be used.

Spraying should always be done in clear weather and sunlight.

If green manure of Dhaincha is used before the wheat crop, about 50-60 kg per hectare of nitrogen is saved.

Thus by managing fertilizer and manure, provide necessary nutrients for the growth of crops. Due to which crop yield also increases and soil fertility also improves.

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