Proper sowing time for Radish cultivation
Proper sowing time for Radish cultivation

Generally, radish can be grown throughout the year but winter is the best season for its good cultivation. Its sowing should be done in the month of November to December.

At the time of sowing, plant to plant and row to row distance should be kept 60×75 cm. Sowing should be done with the help of seed drill machine because by using seed drill, seed falls at a definite place and crop production is increased.

Seed should be sown at the depth of 1-2 cm. This crop can also be sown by dusting method. Amount of seed should be kept 4-5 kg per hectare.

This is a crop which can be sown with another crop. It can also be cultivated in beds. Before sowing, seed should be treated with 2-2.5 gm thiram.

Radish can be sown by two ways – the first one is row method and second is the bund method.

Row method is the best method of sowing because roots are well developed from it as well as both the yield and crop quality is also increased. Before sowing, it should be focused in mind that there should not be any solid residue in the field.

Therefore, field should be ploughed 5-6 times properly.

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