Proper time and method of preparing brinjal nursery
Proper time and method of preparing brinjal nursery

To prepare the nursery of this crop, the field should be ploughed well then use planker to plain the field properly. After this, raised beds should be made.

2-2.5 kg rotten cow dung manure should be mixed in the field while preparing the nursery bed.

The length and width of the beds are 3 meters and 1 meter respectively & nursery beds should be 10-15 cm high from the ground.

For transplanting, the distance from row to row is 75 cm and plant to plant distance is 60 cm.

Seed rate requires is about 450-500 gram per hectare. Irrigate the crop immediately after transplanting

Seeds should be treated with 2-3 grams of thiram or captan before sowing. Seeds should be sown at 1-1.5 cm depth and sowing should be done in rows.

Seed germination is increased by doing mulching (nursery beds covered with grass) after sowing. When plants become 8-10 cm tall, spray urea so that growth is good.

In autumn, seed should be sown in November and transplanting should be done in last week of November. In summer season, seed sowing is done in May-June & transplanting in June-July.

Light irrigate the crop before one hour of uprooting the nursery will not break the roots.

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