Proper time for sowing of Barley crop
Proper time for sowing of Barley crop

Barley is a rabi season crop. It should be sown between October and November.

Row to row and plant to plant distance should be between 20-22.5 cm and 10-12 cm approximately. Sowing should always be done with the help of seed drill machine.

100-125 kg/ha seeds should be taken at the time of sowing. Before sowing seed should be treated with appropriate chemicals (fungicide & insecticide). By this, the crop can be protected from various types of seed-borne diseases.

Sowing should always be done at 4-5 cm depth. The late sowing variety should be sown by December.

The distance of plants from row to row should be increased from 22.5 cm to 25 cm while sowing the late sown varieties.

If you keep the depth of seed high during sowing, then sufficient moisture is not available for germination & there is a decrease in the number of plants per hectare which also affects crop production.
While sowing, ensure that there is sufficient moisture in the field.

While sowing the late sown varieties, the quantity of seeds should be increased by 20-25 percent compared to the timely sown varieties.

This crop requires a temperature of 12-18°C at the time of sowing, while 25-30°C at the time of maturity.

Frost is very harmful for this crop because it destroys the crop completely.

Sulphur should be used to prevent frost. Infestation of frost can also be reduced by irrigation.

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