Proper time of providing fertilizers & manures in guava crop
Proper time of providing fertilizers & manures in guava crop

The amount of fertilizer and manure per plant per year should be something like this:

In guava, the root extracting nutrients are around the stem and at a depth of 30 cm.

Therefore, while applying fertilizers it should be kept in mind that the manure should be given around the tree by making drains at a depth of 15-20 cm.

      The entire quantity of cow dung, phosphorus and potash and half the amount of nitrogen should be given when it rains in June-July and half of the remaining nitrogen should be given before the rain ends in September-October.

In addition to the above fertilizers and manures, spraying 5 kg (0.5 percent) of zinc sulphate per hectare before flowering increases the growth and production of plants.

Organic manure -

By adding Neem cake 600 grams per plant in guava, fruits with good quality can be obtained along with increase in production.

40 kg of cow dung or 4 kg of vermicompost with 100 grams of organic manure such as Azospirillum and Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria (PSB) can increase yield with good quality fruits.

       Apply manure 2-3 feet away from main stem. Fertilizers & manures should be used on the basis of soil testing.
Continue irrigation at intervals of 10-15 days. Irrigate the crop once a week during flowering and fruiting.

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