Role of nutrients in Soybean crop
Role of nutrients in Soybean crop

Nutrient plays an important role to get higher yield.

Nutrient management should be done on the basis of soil test.

To get highest yield of soybean, 8-10 ton decomposed cow dung manure should be mixed in the field 15-20 days before sowing. Due to this, the air circulation in the land remains proper and the water holding capacity increases.
After this, as fertilizers apply 20-25 kg nitrogen, 70-80 kg phosphorus, 40-50 kg potash and 25 kg sulphur per hectare at the time of sowing. Once in three years, zinc sulphate should be applied @ 25 kg per hectare.

This quantity can be increased or decreased on the basis of soil test.

Soybean, being a leguminous crop has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil.

It has been found from the tests that the use of phosphorus leads to intensive growth of roots, proper development of root glands and fixation of nitrogen in large quantities in the soil.

At initial stage of the crop, it is important to apply proper amount of fertilizers because the initial growth decides the yield of the crop.

Foliar spray of NAA at flowering stage increased the number of branches per plant.

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