Seed selection is the most important factor of yield
Seed selection is the most important factor of yield

Seed selection is very important step in cultivation, quality of seeds should always be good so that we may get better production of crops & selection of seed is one of the most effective way to improve farmer’s yield.

Seed is an agricultural input on which the foundation of a healthy and quality rich crop depends.

         Good crop production depends on the superiority of the seed.

It is important to note that sowing of any crop but do not compromise the quality of the seed.

Always sow top class seeds in fields, check before sowing whether the seeds are certified or treated. So always buy seeds from certified or trusted institutions.

         It is very important that the seeds should be sown only after treatment. This can protect crops from diseases caused by many seeds.

Germination percentage should be checked before sowing the seed in the field.

For this, take cotton cloth, paper or jute sack & then moist it and keep some seeds counted. After a few days, sow it only after checking the percentage of its deposition.

Germination % = No. of germinated seeds/total seeds kept for germination × 100

Why seed treatment should be necessary

Seed treatment before sowing is done for the following reasons

  • To break the dormancy of the seed
  •  For early deposition of seed and prevention of diseases

Good seed results in healthier, heavier, and potentially higher-yielding seedlings

Seed Quality parameters -

  •  Seed should be genetically pure
  •  Containing optimum moisture content
  •  Free from mixture of other seeds
  •  Healthy and free from infection or infestation
  •  Without any damage to any of its part

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