Seed treatment of wheat crop
Seed treatment of wheat crop

Firstly mix the fungicide powder with the seeds and some quantity of water can also sprinkle then dried it in the shade & then after sometime mix the insecticide properly. After that mix the culture with seed.

Use of fungicide carbedazim, mencozeb or metalaxyl @ 2 g/kg seeds.

Use of insecticide chloropyriphos, emidachloropid @ 2 g/kg seeds. This will protect from termite.

Use of culture rhizobium, azotobactor, phosphorus solubilising bacteria (PSB) @ 10 g/kg seeds (in the form of powder) or use 5 g/kg (in the form of liquid)

Benefits of seed treatment - Protects crop or newly born plants from diseases, crop gets nutrient, protect from insects and when there is no disease in the early stage of crop, yield also gets much more.

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