Sett treatment of Sugarcane
Sett treatment of Sugarcane

Sett Treatment of Sugarcane

Many diseases and pests are caused by outbreaks of seeds, so sett treatment is necessary.

To prevent rotting and infection from the diseases, dip the setts or pieces into a suitable fungicide, such as 0.5 percent mercuric chloride or 0.25 percent Aretan or Aglal solution or 1 kg of Perenox in 400 litres of water is

recommended. Red rot is the main disease of sugarcane. Sett treatment can prevent this disease.

After chemical treatment treat the setts with Azospirillum. Treat the setts by dippping for 15 min. in Azospirillum inoculum, 800 g/acre with water before planting.

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