Suitable climate for Tomato cultivation
Suitable climate for Tomato cultivation

Sowing time & climate for Tomato crop

21-23°c temperature is appropriate for the production of tomato. 20-25°c temperature is suitable for the formation of lycopene. April to May is proper time for transplanting of tomato crop in hilly areas.

Tomato crop is planted two times in the plain areas. Transplanting of first crop should be done up to 15 December and this crop is prepared up to last month of April.

Transplanting of second crop should be done in the month of March and this crop is prepared in the end of May. For the transplantation of crop of one hectare, tomato nursery is prepared in 250 meter square area. We get a more benefit by dissolving the plant of tomato in the solution of fungicide at the time of transplanting.

We should keep the distance from plant to plant 60 cm and row to row 75 cm for the transplanting of tomato crop. The organic soil which have 6-7 pH and a proper arrangement of drainage is appropriate for field of tomato.

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