Staking in tomato crop
Staking in tomato crop

Staking is a popular way of supporting tomatoes.

At the time of flowering in tomato, it is necessary to support the plant.

Specially long growing varieties of tomato need support because by giving support, fruits are not able to come in contact with soil and water, so that there is no problem of rotten fruit.

Bamboo or wooden poles are used for support. This process is done 30-45 days after transplanting.

In this process, bamboo or wooden poles are pierced at different heights.

Tie wires in these holes and then tie the plants with the help of twine. This process is called staking.

Benefits -

It saves space, so that can grow more plants in a given area.

Staking keeps climber & tomatoes off the ground, so that there is less rate of fruit rotting.

It also makes easier to work around the plants and we can easily pick/pluck tomatoes from the plants.

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