Suitable climate for the cultivation of Mustard
Suitable climate for the cultivation of Mustard

Mustard is a Rabi season crop. As compare to other Rabi crop, Mustard is more sensitive to climatic factor. Temperature about 15-25°c is suitable for the cultivation.

Mustard crop belongs to the cruciferae family & most commonly used in Indian cooking.

Slightly high temperature about 28°c is required for germination. Low temperature is required for its growth. There are some factors for increasing oil content of seed such as cold temperature, sunlight & enough moisture.

During flowering, high humidity, frost & rainfall is harmful for mustard crop and there is also a possibility of spreading different types of diseases at this condition.
All these causes higher reduction in yield.

Annual rainfall about more than 600-1000 mm is sufficient for its cultivation. Sandy to heavy clay soil is suitable for mustard crop but alluvial loam is best soil for mustard cultivation.

Rainfall, weakens the plant during flowering. In contrast season of crop, aphid pest causes great harm to the crop.

Soil should be well drained because this crop cannot tolerate water-logging condition.

Frost is harmful for this crop because it destroys the crop completely. To reduce the frost infestation in mustard crop, spray a solution of sulphuric acid.

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